Your Brain Is An A**hole

It’s Launch Day!

I’m excited to share this workbook with you. I also want to throw up when I think about sharing this with the world. It’s all about balance.

It’s been a rough year, and if you’re feeling some big feelings about how this year has gone, this guided journal is for you. This journal is meant for you to write in, draw in, and reflect on your big feelings. This book is all about you, and what you put into it. Make it your own by carving out 5-10 minutes a day for YOU.

Your Brain Is An A**hole. It lies to you, makes you doubt yourself and it often needs a kick in the butt. Let Karen be your nurse today as she guides you through a journey of self exploration. Instead of listing to your dumb brain lie to you, she helps you remind yourself how f*cking incredible you are. Even when you mess up, you can learn to let go, and stop beating yourself up.

Learn how to pull yourself out of a funk, even during a pandemic!

  • Launch yourself into the bestest, shiniest version of you that you were born to be!
  • Rekindle feelings you had as a kid, when your brain wasn’t such an a**hole!
  • Learn how to be as supportive as a sports bra to your friends!

Hi, I’m Karen, and I’ll be your nurse today.

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