The Hooker’s Club Logbook

Years ago, my husband was given a large fishing hook, bent in such a way that it could be slipped on the side of his cowboy hat, and he was deemed a member of The Hooker’s Club, which doesn’t really exist. Since that time, we’ve joked that his status as a full-fledged Hooker’s Club member is a legendary part of his young life, and whenever he wears his cowboy hat (which isn’t often, thank the fat baby Buddha), he points out the hook and makes the joke all over again.

With all of this in mind, I made a fishing log for men everywhere, and I’m sure your dad, who also tells his jokes over and over again, will enjoy this logbook, even if he doesn’t fish! Because with this book, your dad (or the dad in your life) will also become a member of The Hooker’s Club. And that, my friends, is priceless.

I will post a video of it on Instagram so you can see the inside.

Get it through Amazon or Amazon Canada.

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