The Strongest Snowflake

Today is the unique and special launch of my first e-book, which also happens to be my first children’s book!

Written and designed by yours truly, this story is wonderful for kids 2-10, and available for digital download.

Stevie is a happy snowflake, and then she meets a grumpy old cat that tells her she isn’t strong or tall enough to help him!

Stevie becomes very sad until she realizes that just because that old cat said so, doesn’t make it true. Stevie finds her strength, and creatively helps the grumpy old cat.

A great little story teaching kids that it doesn’t matter what others think. Even if someone is mean, you can still be kind to them.

Find Stevie and her friends in The Strongest Snowflake, for download on Amazon and Amazon Canada.

Order Yours Today!

The Strongest Snowflake: Canada USA

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