What is Freelance Ghostwriting?

Freelance Ghostwriting

It never occurred to me that I could write for others when I opened my digital press. I’ve been writing almost my entire life, minus the years I spent studying nursing. 

I’ve found myself with some downtime now that my kids are older and my healthcare career is well established. The stress of working in healthcare during the pandemic certainly required me to get creative on how best to spend my time away from work.

I sparked up the old laptop that I had used throughout nursing school, cleaned out the hard drive, and did what I once loved: I wrote. 

In only 2 months, I wrote a book called Your Brain is an A**hole, and it was well-received by supportive friends and family. My love for writing had ignited once again, and I found myself writing more and more. On a whim, I signed up for two freelancing websites and found that one was better for getting reputable clients. Enter: ghostwriting.

I am not new to online publishing. In fact, I have about 16 years’ experience. Before I became a nurse, I wrote blogs; both my own and on community sites, including one dedicated to celebrity parenting. 

Creating an online presence with Trail Creek Press, my sassy little digital publishing company, I became a registered business owner for the first time in my life. Creating social profiles across Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, I watched my sales grow with my debut book. With my first royalty cheque, I bought a shiny new laptop. For this project to be successful, I would have to invest a little money.

In the background, I begin to receive orders for ghostwriting. No, ghostwriting is not writing about the paranormal, as my good friend Kaity loves to tease. 

Ghostwriting is simply writing for other people and letting them take credit for your work. I write e-books, blog posts, website copy, and press releases, and every last one of my clients gets to put their name on my writing.

Now why in the world would someone want to do that? Wouldn’t you want your name on all of these things to show your hard work? The short answer is, no. I am paid well for what I do, and I enjoy doing it. 

One of the coolest things about writing about any given topic is that I get to learn new things every day. My clients are happy that I have taken work off their plates, and they compensate me very well to do so.

I get to help clients realize their dreams of writing a book. I have played doctor with some incredible half-written books and maintained the author’s voice throughout. I have helped people with their English to make sure their website stands out against their competitors. 

I have helped people set up or rebrand their businesses, and all the while I get to learn more about the world we live in. So by helping others reach their full potential with their wonderful and creative ideas, I get to live my dream job too. 

In addition to writing about mental health and self-care, I have written about finance, business, pet care, parenting, dialectical behavior therapy, new business ventures, stocks, cryptocurrency, travel, bankruptcy, and law. Can you imagine if my name was attached to every piece of writing I have sent out into the world? That would be weird!

As long as I have my laptop and an internet connection, I can work anywhere. When I’m camping, I always prepare my notes ahead of time and my writing software works flawlessly from my hammock!

As a freelancer, I’m able to virtually interact and converse with people all over the world. It has been my privilege to know people in the UK, Thailand, Spain, Germany, the United States, and France. In a time when people are leaving their jobs in record numbers, it’s a dream to be a part of the new global economy. 

The Great Resignation is upon us, as people are moving from the corporate world to work online. Many people have realized that spending more time with their families during the pandemic has made them less stressed and more present with their kids and other loved ones. It has also dawned on them that long hours at the office are not necessary to succeed in life. Remote work has also been proven more efficient for many companies. 

The days of selling your time for money are changing. Digital ninjas are now in demand to fill gaps left by the mass exit from corporations. 

You can now offer a plethora of marketable skills on freelance websites and choose your clients based on the value of your services. 

With the ability to earn up to 2-5 times more working from home, a graphic designer no longer has to work 9-5 in an office. She can thrive at home in her own environment, away from long hours, uncomfortable desk chairs, and stale coffee. 

For people like me who are still out in the physical working world, I have the potential to make an additional 5-10K a month by working part-time ghostwriting. Besides having flexible hours and a job I can take anywhere, I also control who I work with. Like me, it’s fun, it travels well, and it’s always interesting! As of yet, no ghosts have been harmed during this process.

Hire me by emailing me at karenrani @ gmail.com or by visiting my Upwork profile here!

If you require blogging or content for your business, contact me today!

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