7 Ways You Can Support Local Strathroy Restaurants During COVID-19


As a result of COVID-19, restaurants are facing greater hardships than ever before. As Ontario is into its 5th lockdown, many restaurant staff and owners are suffering financial hardships as they lose money and lose hope.

Consumer demand has declined, in-dining experiences are unavailable, a work-from-home workforce has reduced lunch hour crowds, and people are eating dinner at home more often. These factors are affecting the bottom line, and it hurts!

Fortunately, there are still ways that you can support your local restaurants in addition to ordering that double bifana on a wrap with seasoned fries from The Duke!

What Are the Benefits of Supporting Local Businesses?

  • Keeping your money flowing in our local economy healthy benefits all of us!
  • You create and sustain local jobs.
  • Your actions benefit the environment.
  • You create more choices and promote cultural diversity through food.
  • Your opinion matters in the selection of products and services.
  • You encourage creativity and growth.

Locally-owned restaurants play a significant role in our community, so we wanted to highlight ways to ensure their survival.

Here are 7 Ways to Support Strathroy Restaurants:

Buy Restaurant Gift Cards

Interested in supporting local businesses without having to leave your home? Don’t know what to give someone as a gift? Purchase a gift card! Give a gift card to a local bar or restaurant as a way of supporting your local economy. If you wish to treat yourself later, consider buying a $20 gift card from your local restaurant to show your support.

Here are some locally-owned restaurants offering gift cards:

Consider Local Restaurant Catering

Are you aware that on average, restaurants make 18% of their revenue from catering? When you order meals for your team, you maintain morale, remain safe, and give back to the community. Every $100 you spend at locally owned businesses, $68 will stay in the community, so expose your team to all the incredible restaurants in your area.

If you’re interested in ordering catering for your office, business, or an event, check out local restaurants that offer catered take out orders:

Restaurants are partnering with a variety of organizations to support the community throughout this difficult time. Check out your favorite restaurant and see what you can give. Even a few dollars can help someone get dinner on the table. It doesn’t take much to make a difference.

Since its inception, Back Alley Burrito has had a pay-it-forward campaign so anyone wanting to donate a burrito to a hungry person can do so in-store. They have also donated meals to healthcare workers throughout the pandemic.

Here are some wonderful community relief organizations that are available if you need help, or you can choose to support:

Purchase Some Merchandise!

Your local businesses need your support now more than ever. Several local restaurants are selling their own merchandise at this time, and this is a great time to stock up on a few items. You can order from online gift shops or buy a mug at your local coffee shop. Show your support by getting a T-shirt, crewneck, or hoodie!

Below is a list of businesses offering some goods!

  • Rusty Wrench has Tees, Crewnecks, Hoodies, and more!
  • You can order delicious dinner kits and homemade soups from the Clock Tower Bistro.
  • Cookie Bar offers giant birthday cake cookies, perfect for a family celebrating yet another quarantine birthday!
  • Muggs offers take-home pottery kits, and all kinds of other merch, including local coffee beans to enjoy at home!

Pay It Forward

Throughout the pandemic, many Strathroy restaurants took the time and effort to donate meals to health care workers. Gifting a meal to a quarantined family, or to someone who lives alone, can mean the world to the recipient of your kindness and to the local restaurant you are supporting.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a difference! You don’t need to spend a lot on someone who needs TLC when you use Back Alley Burrito’s model of paying forward a burrito or two. You can make a positive impact on staff in your local clinic or office by treating them to a six-pack of Cookie Bar’s incredible cookies for $25. It feels good to be appreciated, and it feels even better to show your appreciation for others.

Review Restaurants Online and Interact with Them on Social Media

Finally, spread positivity and kindness. It’s more needed now than ever. Don’t forget to write positive reviews, regardless of whether you ordered catered food or not. Restaurant reviews are increasingly important.

It’s easy (and free!) to write up a paragraph and copy and paste it to Google Reviews and Yelp. Many people rely on reviews when choosing a restaurant with family, friends, or partners, so let people know about your local restaurants and show your appreciation!

Be Kind

We are all going through some of the most frustrating times of our lives. When you call to order or pick up your food, it costs nothing to be kind. Remember that our local restaurant staff are not only your friends and neighbours, they are going through many of the same struggles that you are.

Please remember to be a nice human to other humans.

Written by Karen Bodkin, January 2022.

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