Books by Karen Bodkin

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The Strongest Snowflake

Stevie is a happy snowflake, and then she meets a grumpy old cat that tells her she isn’t strong or tall enough to help him!

Stevie becomes very sad until she realizes that just because that old cat said so doesn’t make it true. Stevie finds her strength and creatively helps the grumpy old cat.

A great little story teaching kids that it doesn’t matter what others think. Even if someone is mean, you can still be kind to them.

Ages 2-10

Your Brain is an Asshole

Your Brain Is An A**hole. It lies to you, makes you doubt yourself and it often needs a kick in the butt.

Let Karen be your nurse today as she guides you through a journey of self-exploration. Instead of listening to your dumb brain lie to you, she helps you remind yourself how f*cking incredible you are.

  • Even when you mess up, you can learn to let go and stop beating yourself up.
  • Learn how to pull yourself out of a funk, even during a pandemic!
  • Launch yourself into the bestest, shiniest version of you that you were born to be!
  • Rekindle feelings you had as a kid when your brain wasn’t such an asshole!
  • Learn how to be as supportive as a sports bra to your friends!

If you’re having trouble with re-entry after the pandemic, experiencing panic attacks when faced with a social situation, or anxiety about going to the store or the gym, Your Brain is an Asshole is for you. You are not alone in your feelings — learn how to change them and become more confident in who you are!